Remembering our loves,….


Holding close the memories,…

Giving thanks for the memories,…
She hated it when I made her do this! But, being the good sport that she was, she´d always oblige! However, there was the pay off – she would always get extra treats for playing Mommy´s crazy dress-up games! Yes, she won too! Mico, forever Mommy´s Little Baby Girl!
Take this time to remember those special loves that have been in your life,… what a beautiful time to pay tribute to them, to thank the Creator for the wonderful gifts that he has given us in the unconditional love of all of the little creatures. And, the love of our Creator to continue to give us strength as we will forever remember and miss these special little furry friends,… in their life we find love. In their death, we hold onto these memories and the warmth of their love from above.
A peaceful holiday season to all of you,… Here´s to the many blessings that you have had in your life,…

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