Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification Registration


The 2011 Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification Graduates

The three days of learning about pet loss and grief are intense and full of information! Not only that – but the networking with other pet loss professionals is priceless!
It´s an honor to do this course for those wanting to further their skills in the area of pet loss companioning. The loss of a pet will many times trigger a concept called “disenfranchised grief” where a person will not allow themselves to mourn the loss for fear of being shamed. Being a skilled companion to provide that support for a grieving heart is so rewarding and special.
The agenda is posted here. I´ll keep you updated with other pertinent information on this course! Please do know that I am limiting registration with the course – as I like to keep the group small and intimate for learning purposes!
Anxious to see you in Kansas City in September!

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