Memorialization IS about what you offer to grieving pet parents!


My Baby Girls Paw Print

People “don´t know what they don´t know” when it comes to honoring their pets – guide them!
Pet parents “don´t know what they don´t know” when it comes to honoring their pet´s life. As a pet loss professional, it´s our responsibility to guide these families and to educate them on what their various options are. From art work to cremation jewelry, the unique and creative memorialization choices that are out there are unbelievable!

With this, I´m telling you, don´t be shy in the products that you offer to your families. Show many different varieties of urns – urns of all sizes. Even large human urns. These are great “family” urns for those of us who have many different pet children at home. “Under one roof in life, under one roof in death!” Families love it!

Show art work. Families will want to know that they can also have portraits done for their living pets.

Show cremation jewelry. Families will love it when you educate them on how they can use this cremation urn to hold a bit of the hair of ALL of their pets.

Guide them. Show them their options. Trust me, as a pet parent – I WANT to know what my choices are!

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