Let the love begin again!

Let the love begin again!

Meet Harry!

He was a stray – running around my childhood town. Mom knew that if I saw him – it would be all over! She knows her child really well, huh?! And, yes, she was right! He was such a good and gentle spirite – I couldn’t bear the thought of him not being in a loving home. So the journey began! From getting the Pawnee County Humane Society involved in the pick-up, neuter, and initial care of him to the organized transport by Mom from home to Kansas City. The journey to Harry’s new home started!

Yes, it was quite the organized process to work into my schedule – a schedule that doesn’t have a minute to spare. But, I just know that he’s special. I know that God has a plan for him in my world and in the work that I do,… I just know it.

Meet Harry,… stay tuned to hear more on his journey and his new lease on life! Yes, the latest Doggie Lottery winner!


Soooo cute!! I wish Harry the best and I know he will get so much from parents like you and Chris.

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